Blue's Room

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Blue's Room


Game - Blue's having a party in her room and your kids are invited. C'mon, Moona, Roary, Doodle, Polka Dots, Dress-up Chest and more of Blue's friends will be there. Choose from Birthday Party Dress-up, a game in which you decide outfits, colors, and party d?cor. Then play Doodle Guess & Draw, where budding artists can make their own paintings or guess what Doodle is drawing, Next, onto Polka Dot's Bubble Puzzle, where little spellers click on the right letters to spell a word. But you've got to click the bubble before it falls. So let's go, there's plenty of room for fun and learning in Blue's Room!


animated, animations, blues, clues, games, kids games, Nick Jr., Nick Junior, Nickelodeon

Date Added:

March 2012


Blue's Clues

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