Crush the zombies with cute toys (or even ugly ones)

Part 2 of 3: End the reign of the screen zombies! Before I started my first company, Exos, most gamers played with joysticks or gamepads.  That was pretty much it. But the many folks who came up with those designs were really clever. They created the first generation of games where players could move around “inside” them. Force feedback was a huge leap in game controllers.

Then, the Nintendo Wii barged in and said “you can move your hands around and have and play games on your TV.”  It was pretty important for a number of reasons, showing the market that creative, casual games with new ways to interact could be a huge hit.

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Then, the Xbox 360 took motion detection technologies that had been around for a long time in research labs and made them practical in the gaming world.

Why do I think Gazintu will be the next thing on this arc?  Because it is taking gestures and feedback and merging them together in a tiny package and a very low cost. And because we are taking what we’ve learned from arcades and virtual reality over the past 25 years and putting that knowledge into a compelling platform with compelling games that get kids moving their bodies and playing with each other in technology assisted ways that are closer to what real children’s play patterns are supposed to be.

I think that’s cool. Don’t you?

Don’t forget to read part 3!  Or Part 1 if you missed it.

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