Top Six Reasons Parenting Bloggers will Love Gazintu


Gazintu is a small device that fits into toys, or can be used on its own, and lets kids control and interact with mobile games–and each other–using real-world toys. It is being developed and crowd sourced right now.  No helmets, glasses, or gloves.  Just toys.  The way kids have played forever.

Here are a few of the top reasons mommy and daddy bloggers may want to reach out to us for posts that will be of value to your readers.

1. We involve kids.

During our prototype and development process, we involve kids and families. We’ve learned some fascinating stuff about toys and games and technology for the 3 to 12 year old set.  We’d love to chat about it!

Also, our crowdsourcing process will have many opportunities for kids to provide ongoing input, designs, and storytelling. We won’t run “contests” per se, but will certainly showcase a lot of kids work throughout this process.  With parental permission of course.

2. The technology is super-simple to understand.

One: Take a gazintu and place it into a plushy (soft toy) or plastic (hard toy) sleeve. Or, use no toy sleeve at all and customize with Gazintu Stickers and Bits.
Two: Download the Gazintu app and pair it with a Bluetooth mobile device.
Three: Play the game on the app by gesturing with the gazintu toy.

 Early prototype. Toy sleeves, apps,
and Gazintu Bits and Stickers to be voted on, by you!

3. It gets kids away from screens – we help end the reign of the screen zombies!

This is such a simple thing, and yet will have such a deep impact on kids and their relationships with each other and with devices. Gazintu technology allows kids to play with real toys, as kids have done forever. But it injects the natural gestures and movements kids have always made into mobile apps. And it let’s them play together. Without necessarily being glued to a screen all the time, or at all!

We would love to talk to you about our “End the reign of the screen zombies” campaign.

Learn more & support Gazintu! >

4. The developer, Playrific, is run by mom and technology and startup guru Beth Marcus.

Beth Marcus, PhD, is a serial entrepreneur and advisor to many startups. She would be happy to talk to mommy (and daddy) bloggers about a number of subjects relating to running a company and being an effective parent.

5. Gazintu will improve multi-player games for young children in subtle, but essential ways

We are working on amazing new ways in which multi-player games, without focus on a screen, will bring children back to “old school” play patterns while recognizing that the smartphone and tablet aren’t going to go away.

6. Gazintu may have incredible impact on special needs communities

The technology could have an impact on physical therapy, occupational therapy, play therapy, social skills, and other important teaching opportunities and therapeutic approaches. More on this on future Playrific blog posts!  But we’d be happy to brief you as well.

BONUS #7:  Parents can join the Gazintu advisory council!

If you would like to schedule some time to interview us, please contact Gary Dietz at



(And before you say, “Oh, just another marketing dude shilling for ‘the man'”, please realize that I too am a Dad blogger in addition to being a marketing dude!)







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