Playrific Goes to School: How to Allow Access to in Restricted School Networks.

There are many schools that restrict access to web sites to keep the internal network clear of undesirable content. Many schools have written to us indicating that Playrific’s wonderful children’s Apps, videos, educational content, and games are not available within their networks. They would like to make use of the educational and entertaining content for the school children as part of their curriculum. We, also, are very interested in making all of this useful content available to the schools.
In order to do so, there are a number of URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) that need to be accessible to the school network. The administrators of the school network will need to be informed of the specific URL’s that will open the Playrific content to the school. The actual URL’s are as follows:

These sites contain all of the games, puzzles, books, videos, and other content associated with the Playrific Apps. We are very pleased to provide this information to all schools that wish to make use of the Playrific children safe content.

If you questions or comments, please send email to where you will receive assistance.


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