The Gazintu Motion into Music Edition

Welcome and hello lovers of music.  And kids.  And fun!
One of the challenges of “ending the reign of the screen zombies” for the younger set comes at bedtime.  How do you more easily pry the smartphone or tablet out of their warm, cute hands? The Gazintu Motion into Music Edition could help get rid of the screen Zombies.

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Here’s how it works:
 The child picks up their Gazintu. One of the kids (or a parent) selects a sound and music activity. The tablet gets set down in one place in the room. The children now do not interact with the screen, they interact with each other.


STEP TWO: Then, the kids explore motion around the room. The Playonium in the devices reacts to distance and motion.   Remember, the kids are not glued to the tablet nor staring at the screen–they are impacting and responding to music and sounds their motion controls.

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Experience music activities in a new way
This may sound basic, and using the toy is, in fact, easy. Controlling the combinations of sound clips, music clips, and even sound samples the kids create themselves is where the magic comes in.  The ability to change volume, pitch, and tempo through multiple kids’ motions interacting is simple to play, but the combinations are infinite.

Pre-order now
You can pre-order it, along with other Gazintu perks at the Gazintu Indiegogo campaign.

Pre-order the Gazintu Motion into Music Edition!>

All sorts of possibilities
All sorts of possibilities exist with the Gazintu Motion into Music edition. 

We are still in development, but here are some of our current ideas for activities we may include:

  • Music from my house: Each child’s Gazintu represents a sound sampled from the real world (their dog barking, their Dad saying “Hi!” A car’s horn honking, etc.) They can control things like the sound’s pitch, it’s volume, and it’s speed.


  • I’m a producer! As a song is playing on the tablet, the movement of each child changes the volume of one of the tracks. The kids act as a “mixer” and learn about volume and hearing which instruments are making which sound in the recording.
  • Science Fiction Sounds: As each child moves toward and away from the tablet with their Gazintu, a “theramin” sound (the eerie old-school science fiction sound) is created based upon the unique combination of locations the children move themselves into.

All sorts of people can use
While we want individual families to use the product, we are also very interested in the opinions and ideas of teachers, music therapists, OTs, PTs, and developmental professionals.  How could this toy be used in those settings?  What activities could we add?

If you are one of these kinds of professionals, please fill out our survey here
and let us know your opinions.


The Gazintu Team




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