Gazintu: Kid Tested, Kid Approved!

Hi Gazintu Friends!

The Playrific Team knows that great products for children are not created solely by engineers sitting in an office, speculating over what the newest “cool” thing for kids is. Adults speculating what kids want without asking for their input is a recipe for a boring, ill received product. This is why we have continued our plan of continuously testing Gazintu prototypes. As a result, we have been getting some great feedback from the people who matter the most: kids. We’ve developed new game demos that have gotten traction with kids as well. The feedback we’ve received from kids through testing is invaluable, and it has ranged from detailed descriptions on how to improve the product, to just plain laughter and smiles. But across the board, all the kids seem to agree that, “Whoa, this is cool!”. Through this, we are able to continue to improve game demos and improve the Gazintu experience. We plan on doing more kid testing very soon. Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. We’ll be in touch! Stay tuned for more Gazintu updates!

-The Playrific Team

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  1. Sarah 1 year ago

    Video game enjoyment + healthy physical activity? This is something I can get behind. Though I have no children, I am on my way to becoming a teacher. It goes without saying that I deeply care about the future generation. I really enjoyed this article and the accompanying video, these kids look so happy! I gotta say, the Playrific Team definitely has the right mindset–kids opinions matter! I look forward to seeing more from Gazintu. Perhaps one day I can incorporate these games into my own classroom.

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