The Gazintu Bedtime Story Edition

Welcome and hello lovers of stories.  And fun bedtimes!
One of the challenges of “ending the reign of the screen zombies” for the younger set comes at bedtime.  How do you more easily pry the smartphone or tablet out of their warm, cute hands? The Gazintu Bedtime Story edition could help get rid of the screen Zombies. This product is a perk in our Indiegogo campaign.

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Here’s how it works:
The parent, older sibling, or even the young child, selects one of the stories on the Gazintu Bedtime Story Edition app and sets the tablet down on a dresser and presses start.

STEP TWO: Then, the kids hop into bed with their chunk of Gazintu Playonium.  And mom or dad dims or shuts off the lights before joining the kids.  (Kids hiding under the covers makes it even cooler.)

In a few seconds, the tablet starts to read the selected story. The Playonium reacts to the story as it is read.   Remember, the kids are not glued to the tablet–they are listening to a story.

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The story is experienced in these ways:

  • The Playonium: It glows colors and blinks synchronized to the voices and sounds and events in the story. For example, if a large ogre was described as walking up steps, the Playonium could flash bright in “time” with the steps of the giant person.
  • The tablet or smartphone, based on events in the story, will light up the screen and/or the camera flash (if available on that tablet), or vibrate (if available on that smartphone). For example, imagine the story describing a scary mansion and playing thunder and rain noises.  The smartphone camera flash could trigger along with that sound effect, and the Playonium could also blink fast and bright.
  • The tablet or smartphone: Depending on parent settings, the volume level of the story read on the tablet and/or the brightness and activity level of the Playonium decreases as the story continues.

Experience a bedtime story in a new way
This may sound basic, but the combination of  a good story, the visual cues from the Playonium, the sounds and narration from the tablet, and the bedtime setting can make for a great experience!

All sorts of possibilities exist with the Gazintu Bedtime Story edition.  You can pre-order, along with other Gazintu perks at the Gazintu Indiegogo campaign.

Pre-order the Gazintu Bedtime Story Edition!>


The Gazintu Team


What possibilities does the future hold?

  • More free and in-app purchase stories for all sorts of kids interests
  • Submissions of ideas from authors who want to publish a story on the Gazintu Bedtime Story platform
  • A story editor where a parent, an older sibling, or even a young child can create stories for personal use and possibly for sale via Playrific!




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