Support Playrific in the 2015 Brandathon

Playrific is excited to bring fun and educational family-centered content to kids and their parents through their mobile devices. As our company grows, we seek new and creative ways to reach out to our audiences. To that end, Playrific has entered the Ad Club’s 2015 Brandathon contest. If we win this contest, among other things, Playrific will receive valuable marketing advice and services from a world class firm in Boston that will help us serve even more families.

Will please you vote for us? Go to and click on the VOTE button. Choose a social network, like Facebook, pinterest, Google+, or LinkedIn (or others) from the pop-up menu, and share our entry! See the important notes below the video for further information on voting.

Will please you vote for us? Go to and click on the VOTE button.

Important notes:
1. You must actually share our entry on a social network for the vote to count
2. We’ve heard that sometimes the VOTE button takes a up to 30 seconds to load, or that you may have click RELOAD on your browser to see it
3. You can vote more than once, but only one vote per social network. For example, you can vote on Facebook, on pinterest, and on Twitter and that will count as three votes. (This is within the rules!)

Thanks so much for your support! You can vote through July 23, 2015. We’ll let you know what happens!

The Playrific Team


  1. Germaine 4 years ago

    Done! Good luck.

    • Danielle 4 years ago

      Thank you Germaine!

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