Preschool Learning: Activities, Books and Puzzles

Preschool Learning: Activities, Books and Puzzles

By Playrific, Inc

Learning is fun!

This app combines videos, sing-along songs, mini-games, puzzles, and e-books to create a fun environment where young children can learn while playing: colors, shapes, counting, the alphabet, animals, science, music and more!


Included in the app are:

- 20+ sing along songs, educational videos and episodes

- 30+ learning games, puzzles and memory games

- and 40+ e-books for children!

Featured activities include:

- Princess ABC

- Bash a Letter Game

- Shapes Game

- Counting 123 Book

- Piggy Bankers Money Math Game

- Colors of the Farm

- Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer Book

- Baby Animal Names

- Match the Dominos

- F is for Farm Book

- The ABC Song

- Match the Colors

- The Life of a Cat Book

- Animalia Geography Game

- Wheels on the Bus Sing Along

- Musikazoo

and much more!